The world of windsurfing is in full throttle, and the International Speed Windsurfing Class (ISWC) is now on the lookout for potential organizers to host the prestigious 2025 World Championships. With the excitement of high-speeds this event has captivated the hearts of both competitors and fans alike. To ensure the success of the event, ISWC invites passionate windsurfing enthusiasts to send in their applications for hosting the 2025 World Championships before March 1st, 2024.

Setting the Stage for Speed Windsurfing

Speed windsurfing is a discipline that showcases the incredible synergy between wind, water, and the indomitable spirit of athletes. It’s a combination of skill, technique, and sheer courage as competitors strive to achieve the fastest speeds possible while controlling their boards. The 2025 World Championships will be an opportunity to bring together the best windsurfers from around the globe and witness records being broken in this exhilarating sport.

Why Host the World Championships?

Hosting the ISWC World Championships is not just about showcasing your love for the sport; it’s an opportunity to boost your local community and tourism industry. The event attracts international competitors, media attention, and a dedicated fanbase. In addition, it is an excellent way to promote your region, city, or club as a prime windsurfing destination. Beyond the immediate impact, hosting the World Championships has a lasting legacy, fostering a culture of watersports and adventure in your area.

Application Details

Before applying please read the Event and Class Rules carefully. For those interested in the honor and responsibility of hosting the 2025 World Championships in Speed Windsurfing, the application process is now open. Please take note of the following application guidelines:

1. Application Deadline: The application submission deadline is March 1st, 2024.

2. Application Email: Send your application to

3. Application Requirements: In your application, include a comprehensive proposal that outlines your vision for hosting the event. Your proposal should address the following key points:

– Location: Describe your proposed venue, including details on water conditions, accessibility, and facilities.
– Organization: Explain the capabilities of your organizing team, detailing experience in event management.
– Infrastructure: Outline the infrastructure and equipment available for the competition.
– Accommodations: Present options for accommodation for athletes, officials, and spectators.
– Local Support: Highlight the local windsurfing community and support for the event.
– Logistics: Describe transportation, medical services, and security arrangements.
– Financial Plan: Provide a budget, including details on funding and revenue sources.

4. Key Dates: Include a proposed event schedule, along with dates for preparation and setup.

5. Marketing and Promotion: Explain your strategy for marketing and promoting the event to attract both participants and spectators.


The 2025 ISWC World Championships promises to be a thrilling and unforgettable event, and the honor of hosting it could be yours. If you are passionate about windsurfing and have the vision to make the event a resounding success, submit your application to before March 1st, 2024. This is your chance to play an integral role in the world of windsurfing and leave a lasting legacy in your local community.